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Hotel Accommodation for KES2009

We have secured special rates for delegates to KES2009 at the hotels listed below.

Please note the following:-

Low cost hostel accommodation will be available for student delegates to KES2009. Details will be available soon.

The Hotels

Hotel Plaza San Francisco (5 Star)

Website:.. here ..

Single Room Rate: US$ 130
Double Room Rate: US$ 130

Contact: Paul Ibarra

Hotel Fundador (4 Star)

Website: .. here ..

New Rates!
Single Room Rate: US$ 95
Double Room Rate: US$ 105

Contact: Ingrid Leiva

Hotel Diego de Alamagro (4 Star)

Website: .. here ..

Single Room Rate: US$ 70
Double Room Rate: US$ 70

Contact: Jacqueline Sarmiento

Windsor Suites Hotel (3 Star)

Website: .. here ..

Single Room Rate: US$ 55
Double Room Rate: US$ 55

Contact: Magdalena Zárate